Colonize Mars and Discover its Secrets, with Minimal Casualties.

Available March 15th


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Will you be among the first colonists on the red planet?

The first humans to call Mars their new home will need to be our best, brightest, and most eager. Sign up today to be first in line for news and updates about Surviving Mars and earn special in-game rewards -- and potentially name an in-game colonist!

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Opt-in for our newsletter and receive the futuristic Trailblazer skin for your rocket, letting your new colonists ride in style.

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Drone Trailblazer skin: Drones build all structures in the colony, perform simple maintenance tasks and carry resources short-range.

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A Trailblazer skin for the RC Rover vehicle. This Rover acts as a mobile outpost that can carry and command Drone units. It is the heart of your early colony and can be quickly relocated where it is most needed.

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A Trailblazer skin for the Transport vehicle. This remotely controlled vehicle can carry resources at long range, supplying far-off outposts with resources that are not available in their immediate area.

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A Trailblazer skin for the Explorer vehicle. The Explorer is equipped with life-support systems and used to transport human crew on expeditions in the hostile environment of Mars.

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Recruit 6 colonists and you have a chance to get on the credit list as a colonist. Only 50 will be chosen!

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to name your colonists in the game? Well, if you gather 8 recruits, you’ll be on the list for a chance to do just that!

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Be resourceful

It's going to take a lot of materials to build your new colony -- and a call home for a resupply won't exactly come with next-day shipping! To survive and thrive on Mars, you'll need to know what local resources you have to rely on.

If you lived here, you'd be dome by now

Before your human colonists arrive, they'll need a place to hang their helmets. Construct, customize, and control habitat domes, and give your residents a place to work and play. Oh, and a place to breathe, too; that's important.


Mars-terious Occurrences

You may not be alone on the red planet -- each playthrough has the option of adding a randomly selected "Mystery" plot event that can dramatically alter the course of your colony. Inspired by science-fiction stories from Asimov and Clarke, the Mysteries of Mars can lead to grand discoveries... or devastation!

Are you ready to take the next leap forward?

Mars isn't going to colonize itself, and we need your guidance if we're going to survive the process.
Join us in 2018 on Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox One X!

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